Hyperthreaded P4s hit Audigy snag

A POSTING on the Ace's Hardware forum by a character called Sander Sassen claims that Audigy and Audigy 2 cards, rather than getting a welcome chime when entering XP with hyperthreading enabled, just ends up stuttering badly. Hyperthreading was revealed to an expectant world last week to cheers of acclamation from a bunch of hacks in a club near Leicester Square last week.

Sassen, who runs the Hardware Analysis site, said that every effort to make the Creative babies work has met with failure. Creative Labs has not yet answered Sassen's emails about the problem, he said.

Sassen famously filmed and Webcast Dr Bill Siu, a VP of the platform group, at the last Intel Developer Forum, when he promised us facts and figures about hyperthreading and its 70 per cent performance boost when it was released.

News source: The Inq

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