I am a PC and 7 years old

Last week we had Kylie, a 4 year old girl using Windows Live Photo Gallery to send pictures to her family, in the new Microsoft Rookies ad campaign. Now we have Alexa, a 7 year old who yet again uses Windows Live Photo Gallery

<a href="http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?vid=5f5cb7c7-bc7c-4b6a-bc03-54a02f0ed77c" target="_blank">Video: The Rookies: Alexa, Age 7</a>

Alexa takes different pictures of her room and puts it all in one picture to make a panaromic picture using Windows Live Photo Gallery

The ad still sticks to its underlying message which is, how easy are Windows products to use. Microsoft quotes,

It's easy at any age with Windows Live Photo Gallery. If Alexa can do it, how about you?

Is it going to be a 11 year old next?

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