iAds are here, not as bad as you think

When Apple announced the iPhone 4 at WWDC last month, they also announced a new advertising platform they are launching within iOS4 called iAd. iAd is a API that Apple provides for developers to use to show ads within applications, it is intended to help developers of free applications make money, and is one of the "tentpole" features of iOS4.

Gizmodo reports that Apple is rolling out the iAd platform around the world today, and have put up a video of the first official iAd which shows off just what it can do, and it's surprisingly nothing short of impressive. The first iAd features the Nissan Leaf, the world's first mass produced electric only car, and the demonstration video is also a bit of an advertisement itself.

At WWDC, Steve Jobs said that the iAd platform will see a "billion ad opportunities per day!", based on the 100 million projected devices in the near future.

The demonstration video shows off just how powerful the iAd platform is, and how it can be utilized -- from the basic in-application banner ad, to when the banner ad is clicked, which triggers a video experience and rich interactive interface. 

As of writing, Apple has only officially turned on iAds in North America, more apps will be featuring ads as the service is enabled worldwide.

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