IBM Encourages Power5 Play

IBM is encouraging developers to build around its new Power microprocessor architecture -- a play it has borrowed directly from the book of Linux. "What we saying to developers is, 'You don't have to come through IBM anymore to work on this Power microprocessor in order to build applications for it. Instead, you can actually download certain information about the architecture that will help you design new chips and new computing systems,'" Jim Larkin, director of IBM e-servers, told NewsFactor. The end goal, Larkin said, is to enable a new generation of markets -- such as embedded devices or gaming machines or new computing systems -- that are powered by this open access to IBM's architecture.

Power Everywhere

This strategy, referred to as "Power Everywhere," is based on a new microprocessor that is openly customizable. Called "Power5," it is the brain of the new line of IBM computer systems that will be introduced this year, the company said. IBM demonstrated its upcoming Power5 microprocessor running multiple operating systems in virtual micropartitions at an event similarly named "Power Everywhere," held Wednesday in New York. Power5 will drive future versions of IBM's server and storage systems, the company said. Already it is gaining momentum, with the company announcing several new licensing agreements, customers, products and technology demonstrations at the show. Sony, for example, has licensed the Power Architecture from IBM.

News source: NewsFactor

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