IBM preps 1GHz-plus PowerPC 750GX 'Gobi'

Further details have emerged about IBM's next revision of its G3-class processor family, codenamed Gobi, but set to ship as the PowerPC 750GX. It will finally take the G3 family to 1GHz and beyond.

The chip is the successor to IBM's current top-end G3 CPU, the 750FX. That part, launched in October 2001, was due to ship in January 2002 and scale from 600MHz to 1GHz. The 1GHz version was expected to arrive late 2002.

Well, it's now May 2003, and there's still no sign of the 1GHz 750FX. According to industry sources, it's never going to get there. Instead, sources familiar with IBM's plans told us, it will offer a new processor, the 750GX.

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News source: The Reg

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