IE 10 demo page shows off "full screen" animations

Windows 8 is, for now at least, the only way that people can check out the Internet Explorer 10. While Microsoft has yet to reveal when IE10 will be released for Windows 7, the company is giving website programmers and designers some new ideas on how to create sites that can take advantage of the features in IE10.

In a new post on the official IE blog, Microsoft goes over how CSS 3D Transforms and CSS Animations and Transitions can be used in the programming of websites to create what Microsoft calls "full-page animations”. Both of these animation programming techniques are supported in Internet Explorer 10, along with the most recent versions of Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox.

When website developers add support for full-page animations, visitors to these sites can see pages move from side to side, turn in and out and more, rather than just simply load onto a browser page as usual.

Microsoft has also launched a demo page that shows off these full page animations in action. The pages also offer even more tips on how website developers can incorporate these special effects into their own sites.

Source: Official IE blog | Image via Microsoft

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