IE and Chrome still fighting it out for browser market share

A few months ago, the Internet was all abuzz over StatCounter's research numbers that seemed to show Google's Chrome web browser had become the most popular browser for PC owners worldwide. Now the latest report from that same company show that Microsoft's Internet Explorer has gained back some of its ground.

StatCounter's number for August 2012 show that Chrome had 33.59 percent of the worldwide web browser share, compared to 33.81 percent in July. The market share for IE in August was 32.85 percent, compared to 32.05 percent in July.

These new numbers show that the big user growth in Chrome has indeed slowed down, while there's also a slight resurgence in IE usage. It remains to be seen if this is just an anomaly or the start of a new trend.

One trend that does continue is the loss of Firefox users. StatCounter shows that Mozilla's web browser was used by 22.85 percent of PC owners worldwide in August. Its market share has gone down quite a bit in the last three months. In May, Firefox had 25.55 percent of the web browser share, according to StatCounter. Safari is still a distant fourth on the list with 7.39 percent.

Source: StatCounter | Image via StatCounter

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