IE has become more stable over the years, according to Sauce Labs

If you use any web browser, you sometimes have to deal with the occasional crash to desktop. This week, Internet software testing service Sauce Labs released new data collected from its own test that shows how much web browsers crash on its service, and their data shows the Internet Explorer family has the most crashes on their systems.

In a post on their blog, Sauce Labs says they went through all 55 million browser tests over the years and Microsoft's IE family of browsers has the highest rate of crashes, at .25 percent. The Safari family is second with .15 percent. Opera, Chrome and Firefox all had crash rates between .12 and .10 percent.

However, the overall IE crash rate doesn't tell the entire story. As Sauce Labs shows in the graph above, the crash percentages on their services have improved tremendously as Microsoft has released new versions of IE. The chart shows that while the old IE 6 had a crash percentage of over .30 percent, the current IE10 has a crash rate of just 0.05 percent.

Comparing crash rates from current browsers, Sauce Labs shows that Apple's Safari 6 has the highest at .12 percent, followed by Opera 12 at .08 percent, IE10 at .05 percent and Chrome27 at below .02 percent. Firefox 22 doesn't even have a crash rate listed on the chart. Sauce Labs states, "Half of the browser versions we analyzed had error rates lower than .07%. That’s pretty low, and suggests that browsers are getting more reliable as more versions come out."

Source: Sauce Labs | Image via Sauce Labs

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