IE team builds slapping marshmallow game to fight boredom

Microsoft seems to really dig HTML5 as they have previously shown off the power of the platform in some serious and now, not so serious iterations. The IE team has built what can only be described as an arcade style game where you bash cuddly monsters by kicking and punching them to fight boredom.

The game was first shown off at SXSW but if you decided not to attend the overly crowded start-up techgasm event in Texas, now is your chance to take a stab at “Bored to Death”.

The IE team describes the game below:

Bored To Death is an arcade style brawler intended as a throw back to arcade games of the past and powered by JavaScript and HTML5. Developed in partnership between Internet Explorer and digital agency Bradley and Montgomery,

As the name of the game suggests, it is an easy way to kill a few seconds off the clock and is also a multiplayer game too. The purpose is to stay alive as long as possible and the scoring system makes it easy to compete with friends to see who can get the highest score.

Is this a game changing example of HTML5? Certainly not, is it fun and an easy way to blow off a bit of steam, yes, yes it is. 

Play: Bored to Death

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