iFixit tears down iPhone 6 and 6 Plus; reveals massive batteries

Many people around the world are just getting their hands on the brand new iPhone 6 and the bigger 6 Plus. And while software and its outer design have been in the news a lot lately, some of you may be curious to see what the insides of the new iPhone look like.

As always, iFixit is here to help for those who don’t dare open up and destroy their brand new $700 device. Doing their regular teardowns on both the 6 Plus and the smaller iPhone 6 iFixit reveals the intricate component design and the massive battery that powers these phones.

Surprisingly, the iPhone 6 models also get a decent reparability score, higher than previous models in fact. This is good news for new iPhone 6 owners as accidents can happen.

You can check out the full teardowns at the source link below.

Source and Images: iFixit (iPhone 6) (iPhone 6 Plus)

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