Image of Metro-style Hotmail spotted in Microsoft ad

Neowin and Hotmail are like bread and butter, we love the service and when we see our favorite email platform about to get a major visual overhaul, we tend to get a bit excited. 

An image spotted by the folks over at appears to be the overhaul of Hotmail that many of us have been waiting to get our hands on. The look appears to be typical of a stand-alone email client with your folders in the narrow left column with the core of the email in the center and of course advertisements in a narrow column on the far right. 

You can also expect the new interface to work well with Windows 8 (naturally) so don't be surprised if you see the service also offer a touch-friendly interface as well. 

Login page including the top image which is enlarged.

You can certainly see the similarities between this design and that of SkyDrive which should not be surprising at all as Microsoft continues to push towards platform unification. 


Thanks for the tip Ben!

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