iNFekt NFO Viewer 1.0.1

iNFekt NFO Viewer

iNFekt is a fast text viewer that has been carefully designed around its main task: viewing and presenting NFO files. It comes with three different view modes (Rendered, Classic and Text Only), export functionality and lots of options! All Windows versions starting with Windows XP are supported. iNFekt works very well with Windows 8 and is available in a native 64 bit version.

Key features:

  • Display NFO files of all common charsets (including CP 437 and Unicode)
  • Fix & display many broken encodings that other viewers choke on
  • You can fine-tune colors for text, background, block art and more
  • Clickable hyperlinks, including links that span multiple lines
  • Enhanced rendering mode / Classic mode / Text-only mode
  • Basic ANSI Art support (16+ colors)
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Built-in zoom
  • Export functionality
  • Auto-refresh and browse folder features
  • Integrated updater
  • Free and Open Source
  • Portable versions available
  • Command line version for easy conversions to PNG, Unicode, HTML, PDF...

iNFekt 1.0 changelog:

  • New option to allow bold fonts (issue #124)
  • Fixed scrolling with Windows OS set to scroll by page instead of by x lines (issue #127)
  • Fixed malformed files from PNG export (issue #123)
  • Compiler upgrade to fix rendering in certain situations (issue #122)
  • Install statically linked version on Windows XP
  • Library update to cairo 1.15.8, libpng v1.6.34 (includes important bugfixes)

iNFekt 1.0.1 changelog:

  • Fixed version information

Download: iNFekt 1.0.1 | 2.8 MB (Open Source)
Download: Portable iNFekt 32-bit | 1.7 MB
Download: Portable iNFekt 64-bit | 2.0 MB
Download: iNFekt edition | 1.4 MB
View: iNFekt Home Page

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