Infinity Blade II getting multiplayer

Epic Games and Chair Entertainment has announced that they'll be releasing a major update for the iOS smash hit Infinity Blade II this Thursday, April 12. The update will feature a host of improvements, like a new gem interface, but it's a new 'social battle mode' called ClashMob that's getting all the attention.

ClashMob will be a sort of asynchronous multiplayer mode, where players team up to do battle with extremely powerful monsters. These enemies have absolutely insane amounts of health, but by working together with players all over the world, you'll be able to work together to bring them to their knees.

The team of players working to bring down the monster is referred to as a mob, and thousands of players will be able to join in on a single mob. If the mob can bring down the beast, everyone gets a share in the loot. Failure means that you'll have to try again the next day, and Chair is promising to release new ClashMob quests on a regular basis.

There are some other types of ClashMobs, too, for when you need a break from the constant fighting. The folks over at IGN got a special sneak peak at what the new mode has to offer, and they noted that there was one quest where players had 30 seconds to collect as many bags of gold as they could during an on-rails sequence.

Chair has a great reputation for keeping their games fresh long after release, and it looks like ClashMob will be another great update that's sure to keep Infinity Blade II fresh for a long time to come. Follow the links above to see the full patch notes and the other changes in the upcoming patch.

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