Infographic suggests iPhone 5 may have hidden costs

One very awesome infographic has been made by Avalache Media, which outlines the hidden costs to the iPhone 5 based on a number of resources. The company’s research indicates that consumers can spend over $1800 a year, and waste over 300 hours of time over the same period.

These costs do contain a lot of things that everyone might not need such as a case, car charger, docking station and much more, but then there are the costs of iTunes cards, Bookstore and App Store and there’s no doubt that people spend a decent amount of money over a year on premium applications. However, the thing you’ll definitely be paying for is your carrier’s data and voice plan, which can total up to $1440 in some cases.

If you’re interested in seeing what exactly adds up to the hidden costs of owning an iPhone, please look at the infographic below and remember that before fanboys get angry, most of these accessories and data plans would cost the same for some other devices.

Source: Gizmocrazed

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