Insomniac Games reveals Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine games for PS5

This is a promotional image for Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 5

Today's PlayStation Showcase was full of surprises. Not only did we get an announcement for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake, but the team at Insomniac Games confirmed that it was working on Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 should launch in 2023, barring any delays, and focuses on Venom as the villain. Both of the titles are in development exclusively for PlayStation 5 (PS5).

The Wolverine trailer didn't tell us much, other than the fact that it focuses on the titular X-Men team member. It seems like he's laying low, off the grid, until an old nemesis finally finds him.

It's unclear when Marvel's Wolverine will launch, but you probably shouldn't expect it anytime soon since Spider-Man 2 is coming out in 2023.

Many gamers expressed disappointment recently that Sony wasn't showcasing all the games coming to its platforms. This showcase should address their concerns and give gamers even more reason to invest in the ecosystem.

What do you think of the two announcements? Will you purchase a PS5 for them? Let us know in the comments below.

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