Intel: 20 Windows 8-based tablets coming for launch

Windows 8 is a big technology product launch; that much is certain. It's important not just for Microsoft but also for Intel. The processor maker is hoping the launch of Microsoft's touch screen-themed OS will usher in a boatload of new Windows 8-based tablets, many of which would have Intel's chips inside.

Today, as part of Intel's regular quarterly conference call with financial analysts, Venture Beat reports that the company's CEO Paul Otellini said that there will be 20 Windows 8-based tablets for the launch of the OS later this fall. Presumably, Otellini meant that there will be 20 Windows 8-based tablets with Intel processors.

While Intel still rules the PC hardware industry, it has seen processors based on designs from ARM take over the smartphone and tablet space. Indeed, Microsoft's Surface tablet will have its ARM version released first, with the Intel tablet, running Windows 8 Pro, coming out 90 days after Windows 8 and Windows RT's launch.

Intel also announced that its revenues for the second quarter of 2012 came in at $13.5 billion, about four percent higher than the same period a year ago. It generated a profit of $3 billion for the quarter. While that was slightly below the numbers compared to a year ago, it was still higher than what was expected by analysts.

Intel did state that it expects its revenues for the current quarter to be $14.3 billion, below its previous expectations. Intel said that the current "challenging macroeconomic environment" was to blame for their lowered forecast.

Source: Venture Beat

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