Intel adds DRM to Pentium D

It looks like Intel has slipped some sort of DRM support into its recently released Pentium D and 945 chipset combo, but the exact nature of the support is as yet unknown. The following quote from an Intel rep is being passed around the 'Net, and it appears to have originated in this Digit Online article:

While Intel steered clear of mentioning the new DRM technology at its Australian launch of the new products, Intel's Australian technical manager Graham Tucker publicly confirmed Microsoft-flavored DRM technology will be a feature of Pentium D and 945.

"[The] 945g [chipset] supports DRM, it helps implement Microsoft's DRM ... but it supports DRM looking forward," Tucker said, adding the DRM technology would not be able to be applied retrospectively to media or files that did not interoperate with the new technology.

However, Tucker ducked questions regarding technical details of how embedded DRM would work saying it was not in the interests of his company to spell out how the technology in the interests of security.

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