Intel, AMD accused of cooking the books

Joe C. Carson of Applelust has invited us to take a gander at an article he published last week in which he more or less claims that Intel cooks the books when reporting results benchmarketing results on its Pentium processors.

That follows an article posted here yesterday, in which senior analyst Peter Glaskowsky of the Microprocessor Report accused Apple of making claims at the launch of the G5 which were "simply not true". (See Senior chip analyst says Apple lying about PowerMac G5.)

According to Mr Carson, writing to the INQ today: "Every other 64 bit machine and processor on the market before the G5 were priced and marketed as workstations. This includes the Boxx machine and the AMD Opteron processor. Both are in fact priced and marketed as high end workstations, servers and processors, not desktop machines". He claims that Apple is the "first and so far only company" to market a 64-bit RISC machine as a desktop with prices to match. And, he adds, the Athlon 64 is a "dumbed down" relative of the Opteron.

News source: The Inquirer

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