Intel, AMD go advert crazy

In a spooky coincidence, 'rival' chipmakers AMD and Intel have both unveiled new advertising campaigns at the same time, designed to woo the punters in what the chipmakers hope will be a frantic buying season between now and the end of the year.

And, while Intel has dropped its blue men and bunny suits to focus on what observers have called "real" people, AMD has gone slightly bonkers with its new slogan "AMD me."

Big bucks Intel will keep on boing boing be boinging on the telly while cheaperzilla is sticking with print and online media, the companies reveal.

AMD says its new campaign "represents the most ambitious branding campaign in AMD's 33 year history." And, in the normal guff that accompanies such an investment, Rob Herb, chief marketeer at AMD reckons: "The 'AMD me' campaign is an excellent expression of our commitment as a business to build deep relationships with customers, and address the real-world needs of the global marketplace."

"The campaign is expected to generate over 285 million impressions worldwide," said Michael McLaren, executive vice president and director, client services at McCann-Erickson. "We anticipate a grass roots-effect that will positively impact AMD's business and drive demand for the company's already highly-anticipated 64-bit product line."

On problem with advertising the Hammer chips at this point is that production on the Hammer-based chips has been delayed from its original release date of this fall to possibly as late as the summer of 2003.

News source: The Inquirer

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