Intel and Skype Announce Collaboration

Intel and Skype have announced a collaboration that will enhance features and usability of the free online voice and video service on systems running Intel dual core processors. Users with Intel Core Duo and Pentium D processors running Skype 2.0 will benefit from enhanced features such as 10-way conference calling, while other users, even those running AMD Athlon 64 X2 and Opteron dual core processors, are currently limited to 5-way calls.

While all efforts to date have focused on audio quality conference call capacity, video enhancements are expected later this year. Currently, both audio and video are handled by a single processor thread. The logical progression is to use the dual core processor's multiple threads to handle these tasks for efficiently. These improvements, not surprisingly, will be designed with Intel dual core architecture in mind.

The companies also hope to make improvements to Skype running on Intel-based handheld devices and tighten integration with Intel's Viiv technology.

News source: PC Magazine

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