Intel CEO 'leaks' Vista SP1 release schedule: Fourth Quarter

Microsoft Corporation isnt eager to give a date or even a concrete timeframe for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 but when Intel Corporation CEO Paul Otellini was asked how Vista sales would impact his companys 2007 sales projections, he supposedly revealed what quarter SP1 was coming. "Most companies will act like Intel. Theyre doing some pilots and testing today. But the [Vista] deployment [in enterprises] will actually happen when the Service Pack gets released in the fourth quarter time frame, probably the October-November time frame."

Even after Otellinis leak, Microsoft stubbornly continued to keep any information under wraps. "Its too early to provide any firm date range for SP1s delivery. We will continue to take customer feedback from programs like the TAP [Technology Adoption Program], and will ultimately determine an official delivery date as the service pack is nearer to completion," said a company spokeswoman. The spokeswoman did not reply to a request to confirm the accuracy of Ortellins SP1 schedule.

News source: InfoWorld

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