Intel confirms 915 Grantsdale recall

Intel is already having problems with its Prescott Pentium 4 chip. Now Intel has to deal with a problem regarding its Grantsdale chipset (915) released earlier this week. The problem was due to "a fab anomaly which caused excessive leakage." Only a few thousand boards where affected by this. The good news in all of this is Intel has already fixed the problem, and is rolling out new boards as fast as it can.

Chip giant Intel confirmed problems with the latest Pentium 4 915 (Grantsdale)chipset it released on the 21st of this month. It has told motherboard makers that a defect has been found and the products should be returned. Shipments to the channel have been suspended already. Intel will apparently provide compensation for any losses motherboard makers have taken.

The problem affects a limited number of controllers related to ICH6, said an Intel UK representative and the problems have now been fixed in the factories. He said that the problem was limited only to a few thousand boards and was caused by a fab anomaly which caused excessive leakage. That problem has now been fixed, and 915 Grantsdale boards without the defect are already starting to become available, said the Intel representative.

News source: The Inquirer

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