Intel Confirms and Denies x86-64 Processors

The worlds No.1 chipmaker this week reportedly confirmed existence of its own 64-bit x86 microprocessor, but then denied the reality of any Intels x86-64 CPU, when asked for clarification. Investors Business Daily on Wednesday published an article quoting Intel public relations" officers saying that the Santa Clara, California-based chipmaker has a working prototype of a 64-bit x86 design that it could bring to market "when customers request it."

When asked for clarification, an Intels spokespersons said: "the Intel PR person was misquoted... So we have not confirmed a CPU or prototype or whatever IBD claimed." "The report is an error. Intel has not confirmed or commented on the existence of an x86 64-bit CPU," another one official from Intel commented. This is not the first indication of a 64-bit x86 design from Intel, though, this time all information comes from Intels official PR people, not analysts or sources close to the company.

Being not big sellers for Advanced Micro Devices now, AMD Athlon 64 processor have been a big hype for AMD during the past 24 months because of its 64-bit enhancements. Although support for 64-bit extensions may not provide a staggering boost in performance of AMD processors, the chip is likely to become a good seller for Sunnyvale, California-based CPU maker, and, after it substitutes the Athlon XP chips, will hold about 20% market share for AMD. This, on the turn, may catalyze software developers to go AMDs 64-bit route – something the semiconductor giant from Santa Clara, California would not welcome.

News source: X-bit labs

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