Intel could offer Ultrabook-based wireless charging in 2013

Wireless charging of electronic devices such as smartphones isn't a new idea, but it's also one that has yet to catch on with the general public. That could finally change starting next year, if a new report is correct.

Digitimes reports, via unnamed sources, that Intel is looking to put its own wireless charging technology inside new Ultrabook designs sometime in the second half of 2013. Intel's technology is known as WREL (Wireless Resonant Energy Link).

The hardware, including a transmitter and receiver, would be built inside an Ultrabook-based notebook, along with corresponding software. A smartphone with a special case that works with WREL could then be placed very near the Ultrabook, which would then automatically detect the smartphone via its software. After that, the smartphone is charged via the Ultrabook base with no power or USB cables needed.

While all of this sounds pretty cool, the story adds that Intel's WREL technology will likely be put inside just a few Ultrabook designs in the second half of 2013. Therefore, we should not expect widespread use of this wireless charging hardware for a while. Still, the prospect of charging a smartphone and not have to worry about bringing any extra cables around is certainly a welcome one, especially for travelers.

Source: Digitimes

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