Intel explains faked DX11 Ultrabook demo at CES 2012

Earlier this week, we reported that during Intel's CES 2012 press event, it showed a demo of a racing game, Codemasters' F1 2011, running on DirectX 11 on an Ultrabook. Except that it wasn't a live game demo at all but merely a video of the game. Now Anandtech has received an explanation from Intel about the CES 2012 demo. Intel claims that the game demo was a late addition to its press conference and as a result the company didn't have enough time to run the demo as a live gameplay presentation.

Despite this apparent attempt at deception, Intel does insist that if it had time to get the F1 2011 game up and running, it would have worked. As proof, the company showed the web site a notebook that, while not the same one that was used in the CES 2012 press event, ran the game on a 2.5 GHz engineering sample and on a single GPU with Ivy Bridge graphics. The above video shows the notebook running F1 2011 live, with DirectX 11 graphics enabled.

While this may be proof that Ultrabooks can run DirectX 11 games, it's a shame that Intel tried to pull a fast one on a tech savvy media audience at its CES 2012 press conference. They would have been much better off had they simply not shown the demo at all and instead had private meetings showing the F1 2011 demo running live. This should be a lesson to any other tech company that tries to do something similar to members of the media who are more than likely to catch such an blatant attempt at deception.

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