Intel gets quiet about the competition

Intel's release this week of a 64-bit Xeon server processor made one thing clear - AMD has its rival in a real tizzy. As an Intel spinmeister was describing the new Nocona processor, we couldn't help but think of the salute John Kerry used at the Democratic convention. "I'm reporting for duty," he said. The scripted scene bordered on camp and did little to inspire even fervent supporters. How tired. How shallow. How not creative.

Intel's staffer used much of the same methodology during our chat. "I think the theme is the overall platform elements," he told us. Don't look at just the 64-bit extensions slapped on the old 32-bit Xeon. Focus on the DDR2 support, new 800MHz bus and PCI Express. "We're not a follower, we're a leader" was the clear message. "We're reporting for duty." To its credit, Intel rarely has to defend itself against AMD. The "little chip vendor" has been allowed to have its niche, rivaling Intel on price and performance but has not done a lot to disrupt Intel's revenue machine. Then with Opteron and Athlon64, the game changed.

News source: The Register

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