Intel notebook Celerons to have 1MB cache

WHILE THE PENTIUM III-M is now, sadly, a goner, the son of the Pentium III-M, the Pentium M, will get to 2GHz sometime next year, although frequency is not a factor in Intel's calculations. But the exciting but not to us wholly unsurprising news today is that in the first quarter of next year, Intel will change the notebook Celerons from .13µ 256K level two cache beasties with a 133MHz front side bus to something which is a whole lot better.

In fact, the new Celeron notebook chips appear to be Pentium Ms under another name. According to recent roadmaps seen by the INQUIRER, Intel will introduce 1.30GHz notebook Celerons in the first quarter of next year. And these will have 1MB of level two cache as well as 400MHz front side buses. In the second quarter of next year, Intel will up the frequency to 1.40GHz and could use 90 nanometer technology, if that's perfect enough then.

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