Intel reveals more about Atom-based Bay Trail chip for Windows 8.1 tablets

Dell's Latitude 10 has Intel's Clover Trail chip, which will get a successor in Bay Trail

Intel launched its Atom-based processor, code named Clover Trail, in late 2012 alongside the launch of Windows 8. Clover Trail-based tablets running on Microsoft's latest OS were made by Dell, HP, Samsung and others but those tablets were in short supply for the first few months of the Windows 8 launch.

This week, at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing, reports that Intel revealed more information about the successor to Clover Trail, which has the code name Bay Trail. This version of the Atom processor, according to the company, represents the first major revamp of the Atom microarchitecture since the low power processor was first launched by Intel in 2008.

Tan Weng Kuan, vice president of Intel China, told the audience at IDF this week that tablets "as thin as 8mm (0.3 inches) that have all-day battery life and weeks of standby" could be made with Bay Trail chips inside. Current Clover Trail-based tablets, such as Dell's Latitude 10 shown above, have between eight to 10 hours of battery life.

Bay Trail-based tablets are scheduled to be launched by the end of 2013. That means that the first tablets with Bay Trail chips inside will likely be running Windows 8.1, the upcoming update to Microsoft's Windows 8 that could launch to the public sometime in late summer.

Source: | Image via Dell

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