Intel set to go quad core early too

SO, WHERE DO you get a competitor for the 4-core Opteron in a hurry if you are Intel?

Well, you pull a Presler and put two Woodcrests on a slab of organic substrate. Now, you may say, "Gee, that would hammer the FSB speeds," and you are probably right - look for this one to be one bus bin down from its stablemates, but the chipmaker seems still to be a bit up in the air in that regard.

Anyhow, where would you get the engineers to do such a thing? Easy, kill the Itanic (IPF) projects wholesale. Look at the sudden disappearance of Kingsland, the scaling back of Montvale and others to figure out where the people came from.

Intel has it's priorities straight all of a sudden, and faster than you can say 'Bayshore', IPF ended up at the back of the bus, pun intended.

News source: The Inquirer

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