Intel Tiger Lake doubles GPU performance of Ice Lake in leaked benchmark

At this year's CES, Intel shared some information about its upcoming Tiger Lake family of processors, the second generation of CPUs built on the 10nm processor, following Ice Lake. The new chips promised a wide range of improvements, including a "huge leap" in graphics, but that claim didn't come with any numbers attached to it. Now, a leaked benchmark spotted by Notebookcheck appears to give us an idea of what to expect.

The benchmark is from the 3DMark Fire Strike test, and while it doesn't come with a specific score, the relative performance compared to Ice Lake processors shows a huge bump. For example, a Tiger lake Core i3 model with 48 Execution Units (EUs) outperforms the G7 graphics in the Intel Ice Lake Core i7 by a significant margin.

For a more direct comparison, the performance on the Tiger lake Core i3 appears to be more than double of the Ice lake Core i3 with G4 graphics, which has the same number of EUs. Meanwhile, the Tiger Lake Core i7 also appears to more than double the performance of the current-generation Core i7, even running at the same 15W. That lead is only extended further in the 28W version of the processor.

Seeing as these products have not been formally announced, these scores may not be coming from final versions of the hardware and aren't necessarily indicative of the performance in the final product. However, it does make it seem like Tiger Lake will be a significant improvement for integrated GPUs. It's also worth keeping in mind that these GPUs are based on the Intel Xe Graphics architecture, which will power Intel's dedicated GPU at some point in the future.

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