Intel to cut Prices by 60 Percent

In a bold move to regain some lost market share from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Intel Corp. is planning to cut its Pentium processor prices by as much as 60 percent. The price cuts are set to take place on July 23.

Last quarter AMD increased its market share to 20 percent. This is the first time AMD has seen market shares this high in more than four years. With Dell now buying AMD processors in addition to Intel processors, Intel may be in for some lower numbers, at least until Conroe hits the shelves.

Intel, being aggressive about their market share, has decided to cut back prices on their higher end dual-core chips by 15 percent. Lower end Pentium processors will see price cuts by 60 percent. This may also provide Intel with the avenue to get rid of some older processors to make way for its much anticipated Conroe core.

As expected, AMD also hinted that they would be cutting prices to follow Intel, though not quite as much. Though AMD is not ready to start a price war, this should be a win-win situation for the consumer.

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