Intel to launch Haswell chip in '3,337,200,000,000,000 nanoseconds'

Intel started shipping its fourth-generation Core PC processors, which have the code name Haswell, earlier this month, though the chips aren't readily available to consumers. Today, Intel teased the specific date when Haswell-powered PCs would officially launch, doing so in a unique way.

In a post on Intel's news website, the company revealed that it would officially "reveal all there is to know" about Haswell, in "approximately 3,337,200,000,000,000 nanoseconds." If you do the math, that means the Haswell launch will happen on June 3 in the U.S. As CNET points out, that means Haswell will launch June 4 in the time zone of Taiwan. That also happens to the first day of the massive PC trade show Computex, which is held annually in Taipei.

That almost certainly means PC OEMs will be announcing and showing off the first Haswell-based desktops, notebooks, laptops, hybrids and tablets, most of which will have Windows 8 installed for the OS. A recent report claims that the North Cape hybrid notebook-tablet reference design that has a Haswell chip inside will have up to 10 hours of battery life while in tablet mode.

Intel is also working on another Atom processor, code named Bay Trail, that's being made for tablets that will launch by the end of 2013.

Source: Intel | Image via Intel

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