Intel touts Tiniest Solid-State Drives in the Industry

Intel Corporation touts the Z-P140 PATA Solid-State Drive, the company’s latest product in the SSD market, as being “smaller than a penny” and weighing “less than a drop of water”. The devices are available in 2GB and 4GB flavours, and are aimed at mobile Internet devices, digital entertainment and embedded products. The Intel Z-P140 PATA SSD will be an optional part of Intel's Menlow platform for mobile Internet devices debuting in 2008. The Intel Z-P140 is 400 times smaller in volume than a 1.8-inch HDD, and at 0.6 grams, it is also 75 times lighter.

Intel reports that the Z-P140 PATA SSD offers read speeds of 40 MB/s and write speeds of 30 MB/s. Its active power usage is 300mW, and only 1.1mW in sleep mode, which helps to extend a device's battery life, and it has a 2.5 million hours MTBF rate, for reliable solid-state performance in an extremely tiny footprint. The Intel Z-P140 is currently sampling with mass production scheduled in the first quarter of 2008. The 4GB version will follow the 2GB product.

"Our mission is to provide world-class non-volatile SSD and caching solutions that are designed, optimized and validated to enhance Intel Architecture-based computing platforms. Our customers are finding the Intel Z-P140 PATA SSD to be the right size, fit and performance for their pocketable designs. This is Intel's latest offering as we continue to expand our product line of reliable, feature-rich and high-performing SSDs," said Pete Hazen, director of marketing for Intel's NAND Products Group.

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