Intel's trademark rights threatened by 17 artists

THE BIGGEST CHIP company in the known universe has caught a group of 17 artists in American town jeopardising its intellectual property by using the word "inside". A report in the Boston Globe said that Intel has asked the artists' cooperative in Shelburne Falls, in Massachusetts, to stop using the phrase Art Inside as a name for its activities. But it's shown it's no bully by offering to pay for a wooden sign worth $2,000 if the Art Inside collective agrees to its request.

Chipzilla is rightly concerned that people might confuse Art Inside with Intel Inside, its megabillion marketing scheme, a really obvious rip off that we're surprised the Shelburne Falls artists thought they could get away with. Last year Intel managed to use its powers of persuasion to stop a non-profit group from profiting by its intellectual property investments by calling itself Yoga Inside, obviously another total scam.

Intel tried and failed some years ago to trademark the letter "i" and the numbers "486" and "586", in h*nds*ght a really stup*d dec*s*on by the US Trademark Off*ce. The Shelburne Falls artists are now considering a name change, apparently, and whether to take up *ntel's more than generous offer of ass*stance.

News source: The Inq

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