Internal Microsoft Scroogled video leaked, takes a few stabs at Chrome

Yesterday Google made a big deal about their Chrome browser becoming really popular and they released a new ad with some dramatic music in order to celebrate their achievements. 

Well now a parody of that video has surfaced, and it's a pretty good one. It makes fun of how Google is using Chrome to gather as much data as it can about its users in order to monetize it and serve folks with ads. The same background music is used here and it fits perfectly with the much more ominous message that the parody video conveys.

The whole thing ends with the "Don't get Scroogled" moniker which has led many folks to believe that this was made by Microsoft in their typical anti-Google fashion, but that hasn't been confirmed.

And though folks might say that this is negative and is in no way driving the conversation forward we can't help but smile at the nugget of truth that this video conveys.

And incase some of you missed the original ad you can take a look at it below.

Via: WinSuperSite

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