Internet Explorer and the Hunger Games team up, build a responsive site

Microsoft has been showing off its Internet Explorer browers in many unqiue ways over the past few months from music videos to video editing in the browser. Today, Microsoft has launched a new site and has teamed up with the Hunger Games to build a service that showcases the power of a modern browser. 

The new site, which you can check out at the source link below, will be the premier location for all things Catching Fire, the second movie in the Hunger games trilogy. The site will feature unique content for the upcoming movie and does so with a modular layout that is responsive and highly interactive. 

The Hunger Games Explorer was built as a collaboration with Internet Explorer, Lions Gate, and Red Interactive to provide a unique look into the world of Hunger Games. If you are a fan of the series, this site will be your one-stop destination for information on the upcoming release as it pulls in multiple channels of content to provide enhanced coverage of the pre-release material.

The site is highly responsive. For example, if you drag a corner around, you will see the site adapt in real time. Microsoft utilized a grid layout and like many other projects, the code is being shared with the developer community. You can watch the video above to learn about the inspiration for the site and to see how the team developed the portal to be a true representation of their vision as well as push a few boundaries on the web.

Like many of the projects the IE team has completed, The Hunger Games Explorer shows that life inside the browser can be a powerful place to build app-like services. While the app model may be thriving today, what the IE team has shown is that the browser is breaking down the traditional walls of development as you can now create rich and immersive applications inside the browser.

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