Internet Explorer on Xbox One detailed; IE team is also giving two consoles away

While it took Microsoft seven years to add Internet Explorer to its Xbox 360 console, the upcoming Xbox One will have a version of the company's web browser ready to go for the launch on November 22nd. Today, the official IE blog has more information on IE for Xbox One.

The blog states:

We increased support for modern web standards by over 200% from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. We’ve added browser features that you know and love from your Windows PC – website pinning, multiple tabs, inPrivate browsing, SmartScreen, Cookie blocking, and Do Not Track, and we’ve increased integration with Xbox SmartGlass so you can use your smartphone or tablet to not only navigate Internet Explorer on Xbox One, but be able to move websites back and forth from your television to your phone or tablet.

The Kinect add-on can be used with IE so people can view, for example, the New York Times website simply by saying, “Browse to New York Times". You can also say "Click on" and then the name of any link on a web page to have IE surf to that page. Microsoft says IE can head to the page just by hearing a few of the words in the link.

The Kinect gesture capture features can also be used with IE. Microsoft says:

Just reach out, and grab the page. Then move your hand up or down to pan around the page. You can also pull the page toward you to zoom in or push it away to zoom out. Move your open hand over a link and press it to click on it. And if the links are too close together on a page, the page will automatically zoom in so you can more easily choose one to press.

The blog offers up some tips for website developers so they can give their users the best experience when the site is viewed and accessed on the Xbox One version of IE.

Finally, the IE team is giving away a Xbox One console to two lucky residents in the U.S. The blog states that the people who are eligible to enter can use the Twitter @IE handle and the hashtag #IEonXboxOne, along with a message "telling us about what you’re excited to experience in Internet Explorer for Xbox One." The two winners will be picked at random on November 21st.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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