Internet hall of fame announced by Internet Society

The Internet is a wonder that billions of people use each day and yet just over thirty years ago many had no idea what it even was, if only they knew how much it would affect the world when it was in its infancy.

For a long time a lot of the early developers of the Internet have been hidden away from the public eye and not properly appreciated for the massive contributions they have had on society as we know it. Well the Internet Society believed it was about time those people were properly credited and have built an Internet hall of fame which has officially recognized 33 people as having a large influence in making the Internet what it is today. The hall of fame categorizes the honoured by three categories, pioneers, global connectors and innovators.

Internet Society CEO, Lynn St. Amour says  "There are some extraordinary people who have helped make the Internet an unparalleled platform for innovation and communication, an engine for economic development and social progress that goes well beyond what we could have ever imagined. This program honors individuals who have pushed the boundaries to bring the Internet to life and made it an essential resource used by billions."

Pioneers such as Paul Bran, accredited for inventing packet switching techniques, Louis Pouzin, who invented the datagram and influenced the development of TCP/IP and Elizabeth Feinler who was a main figure in creating the original ARPANET NIC.

Global connectors such as Brewster Kahle, Toru Takahaski and even Al Gore were named along with Nancy Hafkin, Geoff Huston and Tan Tin Wee among others.

Lastly we have the innovators, people who arguably get more credit for their contributions than others have – people such as the founders of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau along with Mitchell Baker who was a fundamental character in the development of the Mozilla project.

To see an organization build a website to properly credit those who were responsible for arguably the best invention by mankind (after the wheel of course) is a step in the right direction in educating the world about the great thing these people have done and hopefully becomes a podium for inspiration for innovation.

Neowin would like to not only thank those on the list but also those who didn't make the list and have made the Internet what it has become today.

If you would like to read the list further, you can here.

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