Internet personalities tell FCC to cancel net neutrality vote

Several famous internet personalities have signed a letter telling the FCC that it doesn't understand how the internet works and that it should cancel the upcoming vote to repeal net neutrality protections which is due for December 14th. Some of those that signed include Steve Wozniak, Mitchell Baker, Vint Cerf, and Tim Berners-Lee.

The start of the letter, which was sent to some members of the Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation and the Internet, as well as the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, reads:

“We are the pioneers and technologists who created and now operate the Internet, and some of the innovators and business people who, like many others, depend on it for our livelihood. We are writing to respectfully urge you to call on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to cancel the December 14 vote on the FCC’s proposed Restoring Internet Freedom Order.”

The internet pioneers which signed the letter are opposed to the FCC’s plans to repeal an Obama-era law which protects net neutrality. They claimed that the FCC had rushed the order to repeal the law and that it was technically incorrect. They said that without a replacement of the net neutrality law, the internet was under imminent threat and therefore the repeal should be stopped.

Proponents of net neutrality believe that if it’s repealed, ISPs will throttle connections and make you pay extra in order to access some websites.

Source: Pioneers for Net Neutrality via BBC News

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