Interview: Doom 3: The Movie

Doom will be making the jump to the big screen, and we talk with id Software CEO, Todd Hollenshead about the film.

With the recent success of Doom 3 on the PC platform, and the upcoming release of Doom 3 on the Xbox, the franchise is all the buzz in the entertainment industry. Crossing the boundaries of gaming, Doom will soon be making the jump to the silver screen. We sat down with id Software CEO, Todd Hollenshead to chat about the upcoming movie.

GameDAILY: What is the latest status of the movie? I know the first deal expired after a year. Can you run through the process?

Todd Hollenshead: The script is close to final and we're very happy with it. Universal is in the process of casting and pre-production now. With every passing day I become more and more confident that we will see DOOM at movie theaters before the end of next year.

News source: GameDAILY

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