Inventor plans 'invisible walls'

Susumu Tachis invention the "invisibility" cloak made a lot of headlines when it was first revealed last year. Now the inventor has a new project using this technology. He now wants to develop the technology to allow people to see through walls.

The inventor of an "invisibility" cloak has said that his next project will be to develop the technology to allow people to see through walls.

Susumu Tachi, who showed off the cloak at an exhibition in San Francisco earlier this month, said he was hopeful of providing a way to provide a view of the outside in windowless rooms. "This technology can be used in all kinds of ways, but I wanted to create a vision of invisibility," he told BBC World Service's Outlook programme. "My short-term goal would be, for example, to make a room that has no outside windows appear to have a view to the outside, then the wall would appear to be invisible."

Use and misuse

Professor Tachi's cloak works by projecting an image onto itself of what is behind the wearer. A computer generates the image that is projected, so the viewer effectively sees "through" the cloak. Invisibility material may allow pilots to see through the floor of their planes. The key development of the cloak, however, was the development of a new material called retro-reflectum.

News source: BBC News

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