iOS 13 to reportedly include a dark theme and iPad improvements

While Apple will introduce the next major updates to its operating systems on June 3 at WWDC, reports are now coming in as to what they might include. Today, 9to5Mac published a report with a number of significant improvements to expect in iOS 13. And before we go any further, mouse support and the ability to place icons wherever you want on the screen are not on the list.

In a rare move from Apple where a feature showed up in macOS before iOS, the new update will reportedly include a system-wide dark theme. That also means that iPad apps running on Macs via Marzipan will be able to use the dark theme on both platforms.

Another interesting feature is windowed apps. Yes, you'll no longer have to use features like Split View and Slide Over for multitasking on an iPad. The window will be able to be detached from a portion of the screen with a drag gesture. As you'd expect, you can stack windows on top of each other, move them around, and so on.

There's also a new undo option coming, at least for the iPad. You'll be able to tap on the keyboard with three fingers and swipe left or right to undo or redo, respectively. Apparently, you'll get a tutorial the first time the keyboard is launched.

Safari will now automatically pull up desktop versions of sites, which makes sense given the larger screen. Also, there will be some improvements to font management, as you won't have to install a profile anymore.

The iOS Mail app is getting some improvements, as it will now be able to divide up your emails into categories like marketing, purchases, travel, and more. You'll also be able to send your messages to a "read later" folder.

You'll be able to select multiple items from tables and collection views, which will be a big improvement on the touch-only interface. Developers will also be able to use dark or light status bars for each side in Split View.

Finally, you'll see a new Reminders app, which will also be available for macOS, a new volume HUD, and more.

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