iPad 2 Gold History Edition costs $8 Million

Luxury designer Stuart Hughes has created a special edition iPad 2 model made from gold, diamonds, dinosaur bone and pieces of Ammolite, which comes with a price tag of $8 million.

The iPad 2 Gold History Edition comes clad in 24 carat gold, with 12.5 carats of 53 individual flawless diamonds set into the Apple logo on the rear.

The device comes with a T-Rex’s thigh bone splintered and shaved into Ammolite sourced from Canada (a rock which is over 75 million years old). This is then finished off with a single cut 8.5 carat flawless diamond, complete with platinum surround and 12 outer diamonds.

Luxury goods fanatics will be saddened to hear that only two models of the device are available.

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