iPad Mute switch here to stay

Steve Jobs has been back at his iPhone replying to some emails from users, this time in relation to an upcoming change that will come with iOS 4.2 when it is released next month. In the current version of iOS for the iPad, you have a screen rotation lock. When iOS 4.2 comes out, this will change to a mute button. While some may feel this is how it should have been in the first place, a number of users are unhappy about the change and would like to see either a reversal on the decision or an option to choose how to use the hardware button.

According to site 9 to 5 Mac, they have seen an e-mail correspondence from Steve Jobs between himself and one of their readers. In the email, Steve is asked if the decision to change it is permanent, to which Steve replied "Yep." The user then asked if there is the chance of a changeable option being part of iOS, and in a typically short Steve answer, he replied "No."

So, it looks as if iPad users will now have to get used to having a hardware mute switch just like you have on an iPhone. The option to lock orientation will still be in iOS though, on the far left of the multitasking dock once you install iOS 4.2 next month.

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