iPad-notebook hybrid Brydge seeks Kickstarter funding

We have seen a number of cases made for Apple's iPad that attach a keyboard to the tablet. However, those cases are usually a poor attempt to turn the iPad into a device that could be used as a replacement for a notebook. Now, a company has created a keyboard for the iPad that it claims will turn the tablet into a true notebook replacement.

The company, and the product, are both called called Brydge. The product itself is an aluminum-based keyboard with a special hinge that makes the iPad look and work more like a notebook. The company states:

Brydge's aluminum body is machined and anodized so that it matches the look and feel of the iPad precisely. When paired together Brydge and your iPad appear to be two parts of the same device, blending style and functionality seamlessly. Unlike other products made of painted plastic in an effort to look similar to the iPad, Brydge does not fake it. Not only does it look good, but when held in your hands you can feel the quality craftsmanship Apple lovers demand.

The keyboard uses a Bluetooth wireless connection to link to the iPad and it also includes special keys that mimic the iPad's special functions. There will be two versions of the Brydge; one with and one without on-board speakers.

The company says it has been working on the Brydge iPad keyboard for the past six months and it is now launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $90,000 in order to launch the device sometime in October 2012. It will be interesting to see if Brydge is popular, especially since Apple CEO Tim Cook said earlier this week that Apple doesn't want to make a tablet/notebook hybrid.

Image via Brydge

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