iPad takes over tablet market with 95 percent share

Apples iPad has managed to single handily take over nearly the entire tablet pc market during the last quarter. According to a report released Monday by Strategy Analytics, the Apple iPad has gained a 95 percent share thanks to great sales and positive reviews.

Despite this news, it is expected that many other tablet based devices will be on the market very soon, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab already in stores and running on Googles Android Operating System; though reviews have not been as glowing as they were for Apples device.

It will, however, be hard for a lot of the tablet based devices to cut into Apples lead, as Apple has a brand image that is unmatched by any of its competition, despite having more features. This allows Apple the possibility to increase their lead as many people expect the company to have a new model of the iPad on sale by around March of next year.

Apples iPad launched in April this year and the company has managed to sell over 2 million devices in little over 2 months. Just last month Apple announced that during their last quarter they had sold 4.19 million iPads around the world.

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