iPhone 3.0 beta reveals hidden video editing graphics

One of the gripes many people have with Apple's iPhone is the lack of video features. It's been rumored that there will be video included in the next iteration, suspected for a June announcement, but it seems Apple isn't leaving it at that. AppleInsider is reporting that an Austrian site named Benm.at has discovered graphics in the latest iPhone 3.0 beta, that suggest video editing will be coming with the next iPhone release.

Many other cellphones makers include basic video editing tools with their phones, so it doesn't come as much of a surprise that Apple will do the same. It would be good for Apple's reputation if they include this; so far they've eliminated the common complaints of copy and paste, search and MMS. If they can include video and bump up the camera quality, then those who are anti-Apple will have much less in their arsenal.

An image of the discovered images is included below:

There has been an immense amount of iPhone rumors lately, but it'd be good if we could somehow get some solid evidence on any improvements that will be made.

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