iPhone 4S benchmarked, beats the competion with ease

The iPhone 4S which was met with modest regard when unveiled is quickly getting some positive attention. First, the device sold 1 million units in 24 hours and now it has been benchmarked which shows the true power of the device.

Anandtech did the dirty work of putting the iPhone 4S to the test and if you thought the device would only compete with Android's best, think again. The iPhone 4S handily beat nearly every Android device out their, including tablets. The Samsung Galaxy S II and Droid Bionic were both handily beat by Apple's latest device which should put some perspective on how powerful this device actually is. The charts below are from AnandTech:




There are several more comparison charts over at AnandTech which are worth checking out as well. While it is clear that the iPhone 4S does beat the pack in nearly every category, there is a good possibility that Ice Cream Sandwich, the next major update to the Android platform, could help to level the playing field in terms of performance.

But, as it stands right now, the iPhone 4S beats the pack and is king of the benchmarks World which should put to rest some of the claims that Apple is only passing along a warmed over iPhone 4.

Apple devices will typically be on the market for up to a year without replacement. Knowing this, will it be able to fend off the next generation of Android devices in terms of performance or will the host of Android competitors be able to best Apple?

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