iPhone 5S looking for an August release, new iPads may arrive in April


It’s never too early to start up the iPhone 5S rumors right? Right. Well, take a seat as iMore is pegging the iPhone 5S for a summer release with August looking to be the month of choice.

The iPhone 5S, to no surprise, will be a spec bump over the iPhone 5 with an improved camera, faster processor, and it could possibly be slightly thinner too.  This is all standard affair for Apple’s S class of phones and expect the device to look nearly identical to the iPhone 5, even if it does shave a bit off of its girth.

We can hear you asking, “But what about iPads?” For those of you looking to purchase Apple’s next wave of tablet devices, an April launch could be on the docket for Apple. The iPad 5 is looking to get a redesign based on early case leaks but there is no other information about what the iPad 5 or iPad mini will include.

iMore is a mixed bag on accuracy with this type of information but it’s usually quite close to the final product and they tend to only miss the finer details such as the exact launch date; they were previously off on launch dates by a few weeks.

While we wait for Apple’s next wave of electronic goodness to land on retail shelves, Samsung is gearing up to launch the iPhone’s biggest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy IV later this month

Source: iMore

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