iPhone accessories to include Apple 'DRM chip'

The iPhone 3.0 firmware promised us communication from firmware to accessories connected via either bluetooth or the dock connector. However, it has come to Neowin's attention through a reliable source that Apple will require these accessories to use the DRM chip found in the iPod shuffle.

On the iPod shuffle, this restriction was only placed on 'Made for iPod' products. However, in the case of the iPhone and iPod touch, the accessories will communicate directly with the software. Apple has essentially moved their 'app store'-style approval process to hardware accessories. The chip, which much be licensed from Apple for a fee, ensures that Apple has actually approved the hardware.

This does explain the appearance of the chip in the iPod shuffle, however it will make it that much more difficult for potential accessory developers on the iPhone and iPod touch to utilize software.

We have received this information through a source at Apple. This source has provided information for us before; however, we do not guarantee its accuracy.

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